Help With a Cat

Found a cat or need help with re homing?

We get multiple requests every single day asking us to take in cats. While we do everything we can (with a limited budget) to help, we unfortunately can’t help everyone and we may not be able to take the cat in straight away. We have 16 spaces at the rescue and just ONE fosterer and all those spaces are in high demand. We have a lengthy waiting list of cats waiting for a space with us.

If you need help re homing a cat please be honest as you can, we are not here to judge you we understand that difficult circumstances can lead to people needing to re home their cat.

If there is an owner we will need signed permission from them before we can take the cat in.

Please fill in this form to put a cat on our waiting list. Please note, it is very unlikely we will be able to pick the cat up from you, so you will need to arrange your own transport to get the cat(s) to us.