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Pawprints is a rescue that receives no local or government funding. We rely entirely on the generosity of the public to carry out our goal to save at least 100 cats a year from a life of pain and suffering on the streets. We are very worried about our income now that we can no longer fundraise. We bring in around £10,000 per year from our fundraising events and supermarket bucket shaking. Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel all of these events, which has resulted in us loosing thousands of pounds. We do not see ourselves being able to hold any events for the foreseeable future. For every month this situation continues we loose another £800. On top of this people are understandably tightening the purse strings and giving less because of this uncertainty and more people are abandoning their cats due to financial issues, leaving us to pick up the pieces. That's why we are asking if you would consider helping the cats through these difficult times by making a donation today. The health and safety of our volunteers is important to us which is why we have social distancing measures put in place at our rescue and had to remain closed throughout the main lockdown with only 2 people helping to feed and care for the cats. This way we have been able to keep both our helpers and cats safe throughout this crisis. However, we have been hit hard financially and it is something we have to consider otherwise we will struggle to keep going. Our vet bills currently stand at well over £4,000 and is soon going to hit £5k! We will struggle to afford to take in any others cats in need until we can pay off a large chunk of what we owe, and even then we may have to consider working at a reduced capacity due to a loss of income unless we can raise enough funds to keep going. Please help us help the cats by making a donation (or even a regular donation such as a monthly direct debit). Having a few extra pounds each month will help the rescue keep going so we can be there for all the cats and kittens who are going to be needing our help in the future. Thank you from all of us at Pawprints (including all our cats) we are so grateful for all of your support.
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