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Pawprints Cat Rescue was started in 2012. We are a non profit charity in Bradford rescuing unwanted cats and kittens, providing them with veterinary care, food, love and cuddles! We don't receive and local or government funding and rely entirely on donations from the public and the help of our unpaid volunteers. The rescue has 10 outdoor pens and 6 indoor kitten spaces, as well as casual fosters who help when they can. We can be caring for 30 PLUS cats at any one time, in addition to our long term residents.

Cat Care Advice

The most common flower that is deadly to cats and others to avoid

Jul 31, 2019 | No Comments

There are numerous plants and flowers that are dangerous for cats. Each family that adopts a cat from Pawprints is given a leaflet listing the flowers and plant to NEVER have near your cat. Here we will be explaining the most common flowers and house plants and what to do if you think you cat […]


  • Testimonial

    Hello, I’m the beautiful Willow. I’m 8 years old and I’m very much a princess who expects to be pampered and spoiled! I love my fusses and cuddles and I love to be groomed. I would like to be the only cat please as I can’t be doing with this silly sharing business. Are you looking for a princess like me?

    - Willow

  • Testimonial

    Hello, I’m Janet. I came into the rescue after I’d been found living on the streets. I’m approx 6 years old. I’m a super sweet and friendly girls and while I’m well cared for her at the rescue, it’s a bit noisy with all the other cats and I’m quite down at the moment. I would love a family of my own. Could that be you?

    - Janet

  • Testimonial

    Hello! I’m Jasmine. I’m 13 years young. I was abandoned by my previous owners after they just moved home and left me. I’m not keen on other cats and as a girl reaching her retirement years I’d like a nice quiet home please. Do you have space for an older girl like me?

    - Jasmine

  • Testimonial

    Hi! I’m Diesel. I’ve been through a lot in my life. I was abused for many years on the streets and then I was rescued after my previous owner tried to have me put to sleep because I got scared and bit someone. I need an extra special and experienced home with no children or other cats, with access to outdoors.

    - Diesel

  • Testimonial

    Hello, we are Olive and Oreo. We came to the rescue after we had been living on the streets with our mum Stella. We have never had much contact with people, so we are very timid and shy. We would require a very special home. We are about 5-6 months old. Do you have the heart to change our lives forever?

    - Olive & Oreo

  • Testimonial

    Hi, I’m Tiger. I’m 8 years young and love to sit on everyones lap. I love to play with my dangly toys too! I would like a nice quiet home with no little people please. Maybe a nice garden for me to sit out in too. Could I be the cat for you?

    - Tiger

  • Testimonial

    Hello, I’m Kitty. I came to the rescue after my elderly owners could no longer care for me. I’m about 10 years young and I really am the sweetest and friendliest girl, if I do say so myself. I’m very laid back and take everything in my stride. I love a good fuss and would love a nice little garden to sit out in when I get my forever home.

    - Kitty