Interested in adopting?

Visiting the cats is by APPOINTMENT ONLY once we have processed your adoption enquiry. 

If you would like to enquire about any of our cats please fill out our adoption enquiry form and someone will be in touch with you for a chat. Please keep in mind that we are run entirely by volunteers who do this around full time jobs and families, but we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.



  • Male
  • 3 years old
  • Needs outdoor access

Hello, I’m Sooty and I came to Pawprints when my owner could no longer care for me. It was a bit scary to start with but I’m settling in now and starting to enjoy some fusses. I’m a bit of a shy boy but with lots of love and cheekiness to give once I trust you so I’d like a fairly quiet home to match me purretttyyy please. I have been allowed to play out so a nice safe garden is good too. I’ve not lived with other cats or young children so I’m not sure how I feel about them. Can you offer me my happy ever after?


  • Female
  • 13 years old
  • Needs to be the only cat

Hello! I’m Sally and a kind neighbour took me in when my owner could no longer care for me. He’s a nice fella and looks after me well but unfortunately he can’t keep me forever because he goes away a lot so wants to find me the purrfect home with someone who will take good care of me and be around a bit more to keep me company for the rest of my years. I’m a quiet lady who enjoys the easy life. I like fusses but also enjoy my own space too so I won’t live in your pocket I promise! I’m in good health so don’t let my age put you off, age is just a number right?! I like to play, my foster dad has been introducing me to toys which has been fun! I do like a little mooch around the garden occasionally but like to spend much of my time inside. Can you offer me my furever home? 🐾


  • Mum and son
  • 2.5 and 2 years old
  • Need outdoor access
  • Need to be the only cats

Hello, Violet and Neo here. We originally came to Pawprints as our owner passed away. We did find a home but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and we ended up back at the rescue 🙁 The volunteers say don’t let the innocent faces fool you! They say we can be a bit naughty and territorial when it comes to other cats so need a home that doesn’t have lots of cats nearby. We also like to scratch the occasional carpet so the volunteers say we need a carpet free or scratch friendly house. Despite all that, we are friendly and enjoy sitting in the catio at the rescue watching the world go by. We are better suited to a quieter home. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t mind a bit of character and could give us our furever home please get touch 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 2 years old
  • Friendly boy

Heyyyyyy! Dennis here! But i promise I’m not a menace! I found myself at Pawprints when my hoomans left me behind 🙁 A kind lady looked after me but unfortunately her cat wasn’t so keen on me hanging around. The volunteers say I’m a lovely boy. I like to have a chat. I’m not keen on busy roads or noisy areas but i do like a bit of playing out so a nice quiet garden would be purrfect! I’m an easy going boy who would love my own place to call home 🐾


*Special home required*

  • Bonded Brother and Sister
  • 1 year old
  • Need outdoor access eventually
  • Cat friendly

Hello! I’m Dick and this is my sis Liddy. We were rescued by Pawprints when some kind people saw us living in bushes. I was limping pretty bad so they took me to the vets who found I’d been born with a dodgy hip that was getting worse as i grew up. I had a big opawration which took some time to heal but now I’m all better! My sis Liddy had it hard too as she had kittens to bring up although i did my best to help her. Pawprints got us all safe & me & Liddy have our own pen at the rescue. We are still pretty scared of hoomans but the volunteers here say we have lots of purrtential as we are only young. Once we build up that trust we will be so loyal! We love nosying at what the volunteers are doing from our prime viewing platform in our pen. We are also used to other cats as we had other cat friends where we were found. Could you offer us a safe place to call home & give us the time & space to bond with you? We know we will be a bit of a project but it will be supurrr worth it we promise! 🐾


*Special home required*

  • Bonded brothers
  • Approx 5 months old
  • Other cat friendly

Hey hey, we are Atlas and Artemis and we found ourselves here with our mummy, Liddy. We had a tough start in life, we were living in bushes and life was quite scary! We are still scaredy cats but we now have a great foster home who are being really patient with us and giving us bravery training. We are getting braver all the time! We love to play and don’t stay still often, the hoomans had to use special apawratus to get this pic! We love other cats and keep trying to make friends with the cats in our foster home. We are super bonded and need a furever home together, we hate being separated! You will need to have patience and lots of good treats to gain our trust but we have lots of purrtential so please give us a chance. Can you offer us a furever home? 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 6 years old

Cookie here! I arrived at Pawprints after living in the streets for 5 years! My owners left me behind and there was someone who fed me and looked out for me but couldn’t give me a home. The volunteers say I’m a lovely sweet boy. I’m friendly and just want a nice warm place to call home with a nice garden to mooch in. That’s all I ask for, i’m a simple fella. Hopefully i can find the pawfect home I deserve soon! 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 4 years old

Hellooo, the name’s Vinnie and I arrived at Pawprints after a kind lady got concerned after I’d been living in her garden for 6 months. I looked pretty rough but the kind volunteers got me safe and my skin is looking so much better now! The volunteers say I’m a charmer, I gaze at them in a way they can’t help but fall in love with me! I’m a friendly boy who loves fusses. I’m pretty chilled and would be fine in a family home. I need safe access to play out purrlease. So what are you waiting for, get that adoption enquiry form filled in! 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 5 years old

Hey, Frank here! I’ve been visiting the rescue for a while now; the kind volunteers put food out for me and got me to trust them. They took me to the vet and took away my pom poms but I don’t mind, I’ve taken it all in my stride! They were going to release me again but i showed them my soft side and they think i deserve a proper place to call home. I’m a sweet, simple lad who would be happy with food, a furry blanket and a nice garden. I’m a bit shy but love strokes once I get to know you. Can you give me that furever home I dream of? 🐾


  • Female
  • 7 years old
  • Needs to be the only cat
  • Adult only home

Hiya, TC here. I came here due to a family breakdown and it’s been hard to adjust but I’m much braver now and enjoy sitting nosying from my pen and making sure the volunteers are doing their job! I am a bit of a diva but hey, that’s me! I do have a sweet side too once i’m comfortable around you, i just like to get to know you first. I mean, I’m a lady you know! I’ve only really been an indoor cat but I’ve really enjoyed the outdoor bit of my pen so i think I’d enjoy a bit of a catio or garden so long as could easily get back inside to my home comforts. I’m not a fan of little people, I would prefer a nice quiet adult/s for my pawrent/s purrlease. If you like a cat with character, I’m your lady 🐾




We are a rescue that mainly focuses on adult cats. However, sometimes we do have kittens looking for homes which will be stated on this page. We only home kittens once they’ve reached the age of 12 weeks and we never home a kitten under the age of 8 weeks as it goes against the animal welfare act, kittens are far too young to be away from their mother at such an age. When adopting a kitten from Pawprints you enter into an agreement that the kitten will be neutered/spayed when it is old enough (usually around 4-6 months or when it has reached 2kg) and we will be informed by our vets when this has taken place.

Adoption Process

We are unable to home cats to anyone living on or very near to a main road or railway line, this is for their own safety. All cats are home checked (not as scary as it sounds we promise!). We appreciate that not everyone likes the idea of a home check, however, we are responsible for the welfare of the cats in our care and it would be irresponsible of us to let them go without knowing where they are going. We are not there to judge you or your decor! We are there simply to check that everything is OK, that you don’t live on a main road and that you know everything you need to know to get your cat settled in.

We will ask for your address initially so we can look up your home to make sure it is in a suitable location. If we believe it to be unsuitable, we will contact you to let you know. All final decisions are made by the rescue owner. A home check will be performed when we drop off the cat you would like to adopt to you, if everything is OK we will ask you to fill out an adoption form that signs the cat over to you. Up until this point we do have the right not to hand the cat over to you, however this only happens in very exceptional circumstances when we believe there is a risk to the cat/kitten and is very rare.

Adoption Fees

All cats adopted from Pawprints Cat Rescue come with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria Pet Insurance and have been health checked by a vet, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have received treatment for fleas, ticks and worms. The adoption fee is to cover part of the cost. This basic care alone will cost us upwards of £150 and that’s before we add in costs of food, litter and any additional vet care. We ask for an adoption fee of £80 for our cats, which is just a fraction of what we have paid out. This enables us to carry on our work of rescuing unwanted and abandoned cats.