Interested in adopting?

Visiting the cats is by APPOINTMENT ONLY once we have processed your adoption enquiry. 

If you would like to enquire about any of our cats please fill out our adoption enquiry form and someone will be in touch with you for a chat. Please keep in mind that we are run entirely by volunteers who do this around full time jobs and families, but we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.



  • Mum and son
  • 3 and 2.5 years old
  • Need outdoor access
  • Need to be the only cats

Hello, Violet and Neo here. We originally came to Pawprints as our owner passed away. We did find a home but unfortunately it didn’t quite work out and we ended up back at the rescue 🙁 The volunteers say we can be territorial when it comes to other cats so need a home that doesn’t have lots of cats nearby. We like to take our time to get to know you which means people often think we aren’t interested in them but once we are comfortable with you we are chatty and friendly. We enjoy sitting in the catio at the rescue watching the world go by so would love a garden to explore. If there is anyone out there who likes a bit of character and could give us our furever home please get touch 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 2 years old
  • Friendly boy
  • Needs Outdoor Access

Heyyyyyy! Dennis here! But i promise I’m not a menace! I found myself at Pawprints when my hoomans left me behind 🙁 A kind lady looked after me but unfortunately her cat wasn’t so keen on me hanging around. The volunteers say I’m a lovely boy. I like to have a chat and fusses. I’m not keen on busy roads or noisy areas but i do like a bit of playing out so a nice quiet garden would be purrfect! I’m an easy going boy who would love my own place to call home 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 5 years old
  • Needs Outdoor Access

Hey, I’m Popeye & I came here when my family left me behind. A kind man helped feed me & found me help with Pawprints. I’m a chilled out gentleman who likes life in the slow lane. I’m friendly and love fusses when i get to know you. The rescue took me to start my vaccinations this week so the volunteers say I can start looking for my furever home. Hopefully it will come along soon 🐾


  • Female
  • Approx 4 years old

Hi, I’m Evie and I came to Pawprints when my dad got poorly. I’m a friendly girl who likes strokes but sometimes a little shy at first. I like to play too, my favourite thing at the rescue is a big tunnel I run through & catch dangling toys through the hole in the middle! I’ve been used to a quieter home so an adult home or older calm children would suit me purrfectly. If you’d like to meet me, purrlease get in touch for a chat 🐾


  • Male
  • Approx 4 years old
  • Needs Outdoor Access

Hey hey, I’m Rufus and my foster pawrents took me in when they realised I didn’t have a home to go to. I’m a chilled out boy, I’m enjoying my home comfort now I’m all safe and warm. There are two feline fur sisters in my foster home which I don’t mind, I just tend to keep myself to myself. I do need to I find a more permanent pad though purretttyy purrlease. I can be visited in my foster home but I have to say I’m nervous around new people so I don’t show my true self when I first meet you but if you can see past my shyness and give me the patience to settle in to a furever home do get in touch 🐾

*Special home/s needed*


We are the ‘Furmouse 4’. We used to be the ‘Furmouse 5’ but we sadly lost our brother George a few months ago when he and Charlotte got poorly. Charlotte was very lucky she managed to fight the virus with the help of the vets and after lots of waiting we have been able to live together again. We came to Pawprints early in the year after being born outside, we were very timid and the rescue have been working hard to build our trust. Charlotte and Archie are the most confident and both love fusses, Lili & Louis are still very shy but we will let you stroke us and relax more after someone spends time with us. The volunteers would love us to find our furever home/s now and continue to grow our confidence. We’ve had a catsultation as the volunteers said we may need to go in pairs and have decided that Charlotte and Archie would stay together and Lili and Louis. Of course if anyone wanted us all this could be arranged! We will need a quiet home with someone who has experience of us shy cats. Can you offer us a chance? Please fill in a form for a chat with the hoomans about us if you can 🐾




We are a rescue that mainly focuses on adult cats. However, sometimes we do have kittens looking for homes which will be stated on this page. We only home kittens once they’ve reached the age of 12 weeks and we never home a kitten under the age of 8 weeks as it goes against the animal welfare act, kittens are far too young to be away from their mother at such an age. When adopting a kitten from Pawprints you enter into an agreement that the kitten will be neutered/spayed when it is old enough (usually around 4-6 months or when it has reached 2kg) and we will be informed by our vets when this has taken place.

Adoption Process

We are unable to home cats to anyone living on or very near to a main road or railway line, this is for their own safety. All cats are home checked (not as scary as it sounds we promise!). We appreciate that not everyone likes the idea of a home check, however, we are responsible for the welfare of the cats in our care and it would be irresponsible of us to let them go without knowing where they are going. We are not there to judge you or your decor! We are there simply to check that everything is OK, that you don’t live on a main road and that you know everything you need to know to get your cat settled in.

We will ask for your address initially so we can look up your home to make sure it is in a suitable location. If we believe it to be unsuitable, we will contact you to let you know. All final decisions are made by the rescue owner. A home check will be performed when we drop off the cat you would like to adopt to you, if everything is OK we will ask you to fill out an adoption form that signs the cat over to you. Up until this point we do have the right not to hand the cat over to you, however this only happens in very exceptional circumstances when we believe there is a risk to the cat/kitten and is very rare.

Adoption Fees

All cats adopted from Pawprints Cat Rescue come with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria Pet Insurance and have been health checked by a vet, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have received treatment for fleas, ticks and worms. The adoption fee is to cover part of the cost. This basic care alone will cost us upwards of £150 and that’s before we add in costs of food, litter and any additional vet care. We ask for an adoption fee of £80 for our cats, which is just a fraction of what we have paid out. This enables us to carry on our work of rescuing unwanted and abandoned cats.