Success Stories


Mindy came into the rescue in June 2018 after she was found living as a stray in a back garden. A few days after coming into the rescue we found she was pregnant and she sadly lost her kitten and became ill, requiring expensive vet care! Fortunately, thanks to donations from the public, Mindy got the care she needed and she is now in excellent health. Just a few months later in September 2018 Mindy decided that she was going to go home with the new volunteer who’d started at the rescue a couple of months before, and talked non stop until she got her own way! She now lives in Bradford where she loves to sleep in a chewed up cardboard box despite having plenty of comfy beds, baskets and sofas, running round the garden with former Pawprints resident Ivy and getting lots of fusses from her forever family


Ivy came to Pawprints after we received a phone call about a stray kitten on a very busy junction in Bradford. A volunteer went out to find her and check for a chip. Unfortunately there wasn’t one. Ivy had been living on the streets and was exhausted, very thin and extremely hungry. Due to lack of space at the rescue and all our foster space being taken, Ivy had nowhere to go! She ended up in a carrier in the back of our volunteers car in a Morrisons car park as she tried ringing round other rescues as far as Liverpool to find her a space! Everywhere was full. So our volunteer took her home and she stayed in her spare room. Just a few weeks later Ivy was sneaking out of her assigned bedroom to the rest of the house and had made friends with former Pawprints resident Mindy (above) and despite being up for adoption she had no intention of moving! As far as Ivy was concerned she was home! She quickly won over her foster family with her cheeky ways and adorable personality and was adopted by them in November 2018. She now spends her days running round the garden with her best friend Mindy, sleeping on her beanbag cushion, chasing her humans feet and keeping up with her Dreamies addiction.


Logan was born at Pawprints after his mum, Cara, came to us in July 2018 heavily pregnant. She had been kicked and thrown on the floor by her previous so called owners. Logan was born with brain damage (likely due to him being hurt when his mum was kicked while pregnant with him) which affects the co-ordination of his back legs. Not that it holds him back! Logan spent the first 6 months of his life at Pawprints, due to his disability meaning he was unwanted as most people sadly don’t want to take on a brain damaged cat. However, it turned out to be their loss! Logan was eventually given a chance. He now lives in South Wales. He loves showing his 2 doggie housemates who’s boss, climbing the curtains, sitting out in his catio and playing with his new friends, cats Molly and Maddie.

Louis & Lelia

Louis & Lelia, brother and sister to Logan (above) were also born at Pawprints. After having ring worm which they caught from their mother, their stay at Pawprints was longer than most. They spent the first 6 months of their lives in rescue before they were picked by a lovely family in Bradford. They love to be cuddled and fussed, especially Louis and can be found snuggled up together or with their new family.

Lily & Lincoln – now Evie & Otto

Lily and Lincoln (now Evie & Otto) were rescued as part of a colony of 22 cats in Bradford that had come from just ONE un spayed female! All the cats were in a terrible state and unfortunately not everyone survived. Lily and Lincoln came with their sister Lulu (now Lucy) and were feral. It took months of patience and hard work from their foster family and the volunteers at the rescue to help get them ready for a home and to build their confidence. Due to their shy nature and Lincoln having problems with his eye when he first came in it took 18 months for them to be chosen. However, it was worth the wait! Lily and Lincoln got their 5 star forever home with dream owners in May 2019. We could not have asked for better for them. They now live in Bradford with their chicken friends! They spend their days being pampered kitties, exploring the great outdoors and building up their confidence with the help of their humans. Lincoln also likes to steal any food he can get his paws on! You can follow their adventures on instagram @evie_and_otto


This handsome boy Sammy came to us after we received a call from a concerned member of the public about a cat wandering around on it’s own looking for food, after it’s owner had sadly passed away. When Sammy came to us he was so sad, infact he got the nickname Sad Sammy. He missed his owner terribly and didn’t understand where he had gone. Fortunately for Sammy a lovely lady in Yeadon heard of his heartbreak and decided to adopt him. He’s now no longer sad Sammy, but very happy Sammy. He now spends his days exploring his back garden, being fussed by his new mum and sun worshiping in the garden.


The beautiful Lyra (now Phoebe) was born at the rescue after her mummy Stella was rescued from the streets, she was just days away from giving birth to Phoebe and her four other siblings. This little girl landed on her paws though! She was quickly adopted by a lovely family in Leeds, where she now lives as a spoiled little princess with her own toy box (with her name on It and everything) and where she is adored by her new mum and dad! She now spends her days running around the house, climbing curtains, ‘helping’ her mummy crochet and having lots of cuddles.


Parky was rescued by Pawprints in 2016 after he was found living in a house, along with his siblings, that was in an atrocious state. Our volunteers had to go into the house wearing overalls and masks! We later found out that Parky had FIP and had brain damage, which like Logan (above) badly effected his co ordination. After we took him to the vets, we were told he should be put down! However we don’t give up on a cat that easily! We saw no reason why Parky couldn’t life a happy life and we were right. He was adopted by one of our volunteers not long after and now 3 years on he’s a cheeky chap who charges round his house and lives life to the fullest. He’s one very happy cat!


Hattie came to us in 2019 along with her grown up kittens, Jake & Kenny, after her owners moved out. Once we had her spayed for her own wellbeing and she had her vaccinations she was quickly adopted by a lovely lady in Halifax. She now lives as a very spoiled princess and she’s a very cheeky madam. Hattie recently sent us an update about her new toy! A great big rotary drier that her mum hangs clothes on. Hattie loves to climb the clothes and stand on top of it like a tiger!

Candy – now Candyfloss

Candy (now Candyfloss, Flossy for short) was only a few days old when she was found with her mum and other 2 siblings in a garage. At the rescue she was very timid and always hid behind her brother and sister.  She was 9 months old when I was cleaning the cage above hers (and brother and sister) at the rescue when she tapped me on the leg. It touched my heart and I just knew I had to adopt her.

I adopted her on 5th April 2014 and brought her home. She hid for over a week only coming out when I was in bed. Bit by bit she would come out of hiding when I was watching the tv. It took about 3 weeks before she would come close enough to be stroked but she was still very nervous.

After about 2 months, she would eat treats from my hand and lavish the strokes.

Now 5 years later she is such confident lady and still likes to play with her toys like a kitten. She is quite a diva and if any of the other 3 cats are sitting on my lap she will just nudge them out of the way so she can have my lap to herself. She is such a beautiful petite lady and gives me so much love – from Candyfloss’s mum.

Stella (now Ella) and her babies Erik, Luna, Phoebe, George and Dexter

The beautiful Stella came to us after we were called out to Leeds where she had been living in a garage with her two kittens Olive and Oreo. Once we trapped the three of them it was obvious Stella was yet again pregnant and just 10 days later gave birth to her five beautiful kittens. At five weeks old the kittens went to a foster home where they grew up running and playing together while they found their forever families. Phoebe is now spoilt rotten living in Leeds, Luna (was baby Juno) lives in a 5 star dream cat home in Leeds where she is one very pampered princess, George and Dexter went to Huddesfield to start their new lives together with their wonderful family and Erik (was Orion) now lives in Otley with his mummy Stella were he likes playing games of fetch, climbing the curtains and cuddling with his mummy. We love seeing their photos as they grow up in their new homes. You can keep up with Stella and Erik’s adventures on Erik’s Instagram @black_cat_erik and Juno makes guest appearances on @littleshopoflathers 

Doodie – now Bruce

Bruce came to Pawprints in 2019 after he had been wandering the streets for 4 years as a stray. He was rescued by Ally Cats Rescue but came to us due to lack of available space. Bruce moved into his foster home and had to get used to being in a house after years not he streets, but he quickly adapted and it turned out Bruce is a big teddy bear! He loves his teddy bear cuddles and will wrap his paws round your neck and hug you like a child. Due to limited foster space Bruce had to move back to the rescue itself to make space for Stella and her babies (above). However this turned out to be a great move for Bruce as he caught the eye of one of our volunteers who fell in love with him and quickly took him home with her. Bruce now lives in his new home with his 4 other cat friends and enjoys trying to play with the other cats and having a snooze. He is one very happy boy.


cat rescues Bradford

Tiger came to Pawprints at the end of 2019. He had been abandoned by his previous owner and was taken in by a neighbour, sadly the neighbour could no longer look after him so they called us for help. Tiger is a lovely boy and extremely friendly and as you can imagine he wasn’t here long. He quickly got snapped up by his human. He now lives in his 5 star home where he is very spoiled. He adores his human mum and can often be found giving her cuddles or playing out in the garden.