Need Help with a Cat

If you need help re homing your cat or you are worried a cat may be a stray then please read below before filling out the form.

If a cat you have not seen before has just appeared in your garden and looks ok then leave it alone. Cats are clever and will often nip round to the neighbours to see if they can get a second breakfast even though they have just been fed at home. Even if a cat looks unkept it still doesn’t mean it’s a stray, often cats who are elderly look like strays and in fact have loving homes already.

If a cat is trying desperately to get in your home frequently and/ or crying for attention, looks dirty and unkept then it is worth putting a paper collar on to the cat to see if the cat has a home. If no owner comes forward please take the cat to your local vet to scan for a microchip (they will do this for free) or get in touch with us.

We are NOT vets. If you have found a sick or injured cat please contact the PDSA.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to pay your vet bills for you or pay them and allow you to pay in instalment. If you are struggling with vet bills please contact the PDSA.