5 week old Orion in foster care

At Pawprints we are in urgent need of experienced fosterers to provide shelter to the stray and unwanted cats we take in every week. The rescue has 8 full size cat pens that can accommodate 16 cats, as well as 6 kittens cages that can home 6-20 plus kittens. However we are still getting hundreds of calls and messages a week about stray cats, litters of kittens and people giving up pets due to landlords not allowing pets. We rescue as many as we can, but there is a limit to what we can do with the space we have.

In just one, two week period in 2019 we received calls about a litter of 5 kittens left in a house after the owners moved out, a 5 month kitten dumped in a bin in Batley, one woman wanting to re home 8 of her cats as she was too busy to care for them, a box of kittens dumped on the doorstep of a local vets, a dumped mum cat and 2 kittens and we had 20 voicemails all from people who have either found a stray cat or would like to re home theirs.

We want to help these cats but we have no space! Out of these cats above we will only manage to squeeze in a few after some of our current residents move out. The litter of 5 kittens managed to be squeezed into another already packed rescue, the 5 month old kitten dumped in a bin is currently on our waiting list and is in the house of the woman who found him, who is worried sick her landlord will find out as he is strict on having pets. The kittens dumped on a doorstep we had to turn away and the mum and 2 kittens are at a local vets, however we can’t take them in. We will work through the voicemails and try to give advice to people on different places they can try & we will add them to our LONG waiting list so they can come in when we find homes for our current residents.

We are not the only ones like this, all of Bradfords rescues are bursting to the seams with abandoned cats and never ending litters of kittens, as people refuse to neuter their cats despite Cats Protection and Keighley Cat Care’s £5 neutering schemes.

Tiger in his foster home

Currently the rescue only has 2 foster carers and we are in urgent need of more. Fostering can save the lives of cats and kittens that we would otherwise have no choice but to turn away. Most fosterers will have their foster cats in a spare room, away from any other animals they may own, and the cats will not go outside during their stay with you. All expenses for the cats/ kittens will be covered including vet care, food and litter. 

As a fosterer you can choose when you want to foster and the cat/ kittens you feel able to take in based on you circumstances. For example a litter of very young kittens may not be suitable if you are working full time as they need a lunchtime feed, however a cat or cats that are in need of socialising would be suitable for you, and you could make a huge difference in their lives!

You will not be expected to find homes or do home checks for your foster cats, we will do that for you, however you will need to be able to host potential adopters in your home so they can meet the cats/ kittens they are thinking of adopting (which can be arranged at your convenience).

We always meet our fosterers beforehand and like to do an informal home visit to make sure your home is suitable to foster and that you have everything you need to care for the cats/ kittens.

If you are considering fostering please fill out the form here and we will be in touch shortly.